Galerie Eté 78, Brussels, 17/06/18

Philippe Herbet follows in the footsteps of Albert Dadas

Albert Dadas (1860-1907) was a simple labourer from Bordeaux who suffered from wanderlust. He would take journeys that lasted days or even years.

Inspired by his story, photographer Philippe Herbet set off in Dadas’s footsteps by repeating his longest journey, from Valenciennes to Moscow, accompanied by his ghost. Herbet’s photos capture the journey in moments, landscapes, and (self-)portraits, in which appearance and disappearance collide, outside of time. In addition to these fascinating photographs, in a fleeting afternoon at Été 78, Philippe Herbet is also exhibiting his sketchbooks, notes, and books, and he will talk about his extraordinary adventure.

Galerie Eté 78, 78 rue de l’Eté, 1050 Bruxelles


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